UGLE Guidance

Guidance for Lodges receiving a presentation
of the Prestonian Lecture (Issued by UGLE)

The Prestonian Lecture is the only official lecture sponsored by Grand Lodge. The Lecturer is appointed by Trustees on the recommendation of the Board of General Purposes. The M.W. The Grand Master has approved a collarette and jewel to be worn by the present and past Prestonian Lecturers as part of their Craft regalia.

The Lectureship is a memorial to William Preston (1742-1818) the foremost Masonic educator of his age, who left a legacy to Grand Lodge to perpetuate his system of ritual lectures.

The Lectureship runs for one calendar year. The Lecturer must choose an aspect of Freemasonry which is not controversial but will educate and entertain a general Lodge audience. Each year the Lecturer is announced in the Board's report to the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge in the preceding June. Usually, he will give a number of official deliveries of his lecture during his tenure as determined by Grand Lodge but may give as many unofficial deliveries as he desires.

Although deliveries of the Lecture shall be sponsored by one particular Lodge or Masonic Association, they will be expected to permit members of neighbouring Lodges to attend the meeting. They may also ask for their co-operation in providing facilities for the delivery.

The Lodge or Masonic Association which has been allocated an official delivery or has requested an unofficial delivery is responsible for the travelling expenses of the Lecturer and any overnight expenses incurred if the Lecturer is unable to return home after the meeting.

To enable as large an audience as possible to attend the Lodge shall, if necessary, arrange alternative tyled premises to their usual meeting place for the Lecture meeting.

To cover the expenses of the Lecturer and any rental for the meeting accommodation it is permissible to charge a nominal ticket fee for entry to the meeting. Any after-proceedings must be self-financing.

The Lecture shall be the main business of the meeting, at which no degree work shall be undertaken.

It is suggested that the announcement of the Lecture on Lodge summonses should be in the following ways, drawing a distinction between the official and unofficial deliveries:

For the official deliveries

To receive a presentation of the Prestonian Lecture for 2019
Freemasonry and the Great War:
(Masonic reaction to the war years)
By W.Bro. Michael Karn, PAGSwdB

For the unofficial deliveries

The Prestonian Lecture for 2019
Freemasonry and the Great War:
(Masonic reaction to the war years)
will be delivered by W.Bro. Michael Karn, PAGSwdB

As the Lecture is sponsored by Grand Lodge the Lecturer should, regardless of his Masonic rank be treated as the principal guest of the Lodge and be seated at the right of the Master allowing for a seat for the Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Master (or a brother specifically deputed to represent them for the occasion) should they be present. At the Festive Board, it would be a kindness if there was a short toast to the Lecturer to enable him to return thanks.

The Prestonian Lecturer will claim expenses, particularly for travelling. He will also expect a generous charitable donation for a charity of his choice.

It is customary for the Prestonian Lecture to be printed in booklet form for sale, the profits going to a Charity or Charities (Masonic and non-Masonic) of the Lecturer's choice. It would be helpful if brethren could be co-opted as Stewards to deal with sales of the booklets in the ante-room after the meeting or at the dinner table.